We Believe:

  • Every person is an eternal soul and every soul has equal value
  • A missions-minded church is one that is meeting needs consistently
  • We provide the effort, God provides the miracles

Our Plan is:

  • To help carry out the great commission as outlined in Mark 16:15
  • To challenge people to become more involved in missions outreach; in the town of Grand Falls-Windsor, provincially through our home missions churches and abroad through our overseas workers




Rocky Harbour, NL

  • Gros Morne Community Church (GMCC) has been ministering to the Rocky Harbour area for over 30 years. Rocky Harbour is a growing, vibrant community on the beautiful scenic Northern Peninsula and services neighbouring communities such as Norris Point, Sally's Cove, St. Paul's, Cow Head, Parson's Pond and Daniel's Harbour. It is the vision of the GMCC to conduct current ministries in these comunities with Rocky Harbour being their host church and other satellite churches planted throughout Gros Morne.
  • In 2017 GMCC welcomed Pastor Courtney O'Reilly and her family into the rocky Harbour assembly and is now working alongside Pastor Ryan Ball and his family to continue to grow their ministry presence along the Northern Peninsula. 
  • Please remember to keep this assembly in your prayers, as the ministry opportunities in this area of our province are incredible. 

Leading Tickles, NL

  • Abundant Life Pentecostal Tabernacle has served its community since 1966.  In a community of approximately 500, this dedicated group of about 40 people is sharing God’s love with the young and old of Leading Tickles.

Nain, NL

  • The Pentecostal Assembly in Nain, on the northern coast of Labrador provides vital ministry to a community of diverse cultures, social issues and religious traditions.

Pool’s Cove, NL

  • Calvary Pentecostal Church, since 1935, ministers to the approximately 200 people of the community.



Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Supporting the work of missionary Cavell Rowsell who has been involved in various ministries in Thailand since 1977. Cavell has taught missionary kids, instructed Thai Students in English-as-a-Second Language programs, written Sunday School curriculum and trained teachers in the use of this curriculum. She has taught and continues to be a part of the administration at Thailand Pentecostal Bible College. In her role of National Facilitator for the PAOC (Thailand Division), she also serves the Full Gospel Assemblies of Thailand as an advisor to the Church Planting and Leadership Development Committees, Women's Ministries, Christian Education, Agape and Abundant Love/Blessing Children's Homes and various Boards of Education as well as helping with developing and training Thai missionaries. She is blessed with three grandchildren, Anda and Andrew (Jip) and Runn (Benz). Please pray for the family as they learn to deal with the sudden death of Benz in July 2015 and Cavell's return to work in Bangkok.

Dakar, Senegal

  • Jane, Guy Penney and their family have served diligently to reach out and meet the needs of city children in Dakar for a number of years. They have been involved with Dakar Acadamy, which is a mission school in Senegal's capital city. During their ministry there, they have become involved with a number of ministries to this West African Nation. One of the major avenues of ministry has been to desperately needy children of that city.
  • The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada is beginning to look at the possibility of a much more intentional relationship with the national church of this nation. Guy and Jane will play an important role in setting our agenda for this relationship. Pray for them and for Senegal itself, since it is mostly a Muslim country with very little Gospel witness.

Restricted Access Nations

  • There are also ministries; Windsor Pentecostal Church is pleased to support that cannot be featured publicly to protect the safety of the missionaries working there.



Emergency Relief Development Organization

  • Emergency Relief & Development Overseas (ERDO) is a Christian organization passionately responding to the practical needs if people living in poverty or crisis around the world by listening, caring and partnering. It currently sponsors 7000 children through its Child Care Plus program. ERDO is the humanitarian agency of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Dormitory Project, Senegal

  • School for the Deaf-Ministry to Children in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa is an outreach effort lead by Guy & Jane Penney. Their goal is to make an impact in the deaf community by taking in children and teaching them sign language and practical skills. Children often cannot afford the education or the accommodation so a dormitory facility is needed to house the students. Currently they house students in a very crowded three-bedroom home. WPC has partnered with Guy & Jane to build a much needed new dormitory in order to provide suitable accommodations.

Teen Challenge, NL

  • Teen Challenge is a residential alcohol and drug faith-based program with centers throughout Canada and around the world. The twelve-month program offers help and hope to those struggling with addictions. Teen Challenge has secured property in NL and plans to open the Atlantic Hope Women's Center. WPC recognizes the need for such a program and is committed to helping Teen Challenge establish a center on the island.


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