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"Don't be afraid...

"Don't be afraid,your virgin wife has been impregnated by the Holy Spirit and will give birth to a Son; name Him Jesus... and by the way, He's been sent to save people from their sins."

Of course, that's my paraphrase after reading Matthew 1:20-21.

We often hear scriptures or sermons about fear, or more aptly "to not fear," but the Angel makes this proclamation to not fear God's Plan. This radical, unlikely, unexplainable plan.... after all, what's there to be afraid of? How about community ridicule and family disownment for starters.

But therein lies the hidden truth for us to consider. Many times, God's ways or His plans for us can make us uncomfortable, or even fearful; it may go against the norm and even our own expectations. But that's where we have to remember that it's His plan, His ways, and we are His people, so despite what we may face, we trust that He sees the big picture, after all, the plan in Matthew worked out well after all.