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In this world but not of it

It’s often said the greatest witness of faith in Christ is seen in how we live in our lives; even more-so than in what we say. 


And in another familiar phrase relative to living life as a Christ-follower, we are instructed to be “in this world, but not of it” - Jesus alludes to this in Matthew 15 and John 15 just to name a couple of examples. Paul writes in Romans 12:2 to not be “conformed to this world” but to be transformed by renewing our mind. 


To remain in this world, but not conformed to it certainly takes a great deal of care. But the believer who is able to achieve this delicate balance, in doing so they are pleasing God with his/her faithfulness as well as being a tremendous witness to the unbeliever. 


Rather than hate our enemies, we love and forgive

Instead of hoarding an abundance of wealth, we give to those in need

While others gossip and tear down, we encourage and uplift. 


Is it enough to simply proclaim to be a Christian? No! We must also live a life reflective of the life of Christ.