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Predicting the future....

Like many things in life, we can learn some valuable lessons from our children. Kids aren't worried about when the next vacation will be, or that they will soon outgrow their clothes and need more. There's no thought given to needing food in the fridge for the coming week or that the importance of a savings account for the day when they head off to college. But these (and many more besides) are every day / every week types of concerns that we, as adults, bear. 

Then, of course, there are many other more life impacting types of concerns, like whom to marry or what career path to take. For some, it's what to do with an ill parent or what course of treatment to take if you yourself are battling a serious disease. If you weren't anxious about the future before... you might be now after just having read these first few lines. 


But here's the good news.... YOU CAN STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE! 


The up's and down's of the life of David in the Old Testament are well documented. From fighting giants to running for his life to becoming King..... from obeying God to sinning against God, repenting and back and forth it goes. But if you have time, take a quick look at Psalm 31 and consider the words that David writes in this Psalm. 

After considering all that's gone on in his life, all that's going on around him; and all of what he knows about who God is... he arrives at this statement in verse 14,15: 

                "But I am trusting you, oh Lord, saying, you are my God! My future is in your hands." 

No matter how much we plan for or worry about the future one things remains the same... we have no control over it. Putting our trust in God, and allowing him to "hold our future" sets us free from a life of unnecessary worry and allows us to enjoy and live today to the fullest.