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Hide & Seek

Recently I came across some pretty good videos online relating to the “Back to Church Sunday” campaign. In these videos, people give various reasons as to why they are no longer part of a faith community.

Reasons include:

“I need to get my life together first”

“It would make me nervous to go”

or “I don’t believe everything they believe”

And perhaps the most heartbreaking reason given, “If they knew me, they wouldn’t want me.”


I would imagine, on some level, this sentiment is shared, at one point or another, by all of humanity. It traces itself back to the very beginning when Adam and Eve hid themselves from God in the Garden of Eden; not so much because of their physical nakedness, but because of the shame of what they’d done.

And so it’s gone, down through the ages.

In Isaiah 62:1-4 we get a glimpse of people of the time, much like today; crushed by daily worries and feeling forsaken and desolate. But the prophet’s words bring a sense of joy as he describes how the Lord views His people, not forsaken or desolate, but as a delight, as a “crown of splendor.”

Nothing has changed from that time to now. The One who loves us, and desires to have a relationship with us assigns our value to us. We may be imperfect people but to Him, we have infinite worth. 

I hope and pray each of us finds a church (a community of believers) that is willing to embrace each other and grow together as we endeavor to know the One who delights so much in us.