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In Luke 1:46-55 the Gospel writer records a song of praise of the Virgin Mary. It's based in a setting we all know pretty well as it's integral to the Christmas story. Having been informed by an angel that she would bear God's Son, Mary meets up with her cousin Elizabeth, who is also expecting (albeit, a much more conventional pregnancy), and having had some time to ponder the uniqueness of her situation, Mary then proclaims the words we read from the above passage.  

But "Mary's song" is much more then just her personal commentary; as it applies in most part to all of humanity. Sure, no one else in history has, is, or ever will bear the Son of God in such a way as Mary, but we can all lay claim to sharing Mary's statements such as  "He has been mindful of the humble state of His servant,"  and "the Mighty One has done great things for me."

That same sense of overwhelming wonder, blessing and grace Mary felt that day, can be felt by all since that very time, and not just at Christmas, but year round

In the midst of the Christmas busyness, take a moment and reflect on the though that you too, are God's beloved; and perhaps that will inspire a song in your own heart!