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How many "gods" are there?

       In reading Psalm 82, and scattered throughout most of the Bible is the concept that mankind has been led astray by other gods (lower case g) and at some point, the One True God will execute judgment (as cited in Psalm 82, among other passages).

       In today’s North American culture, we may not “bow down & worship” other gods so much as in other countries where polytheism is still very much alive and well. But how about when we long for the latest and greatest in material possessions, seek vengeance on our enemies or attempt to achieve righteousness on our own merits. We can quickly become guilty of placing these, and other such motives ahead of our love and service to God.

       The psalmist reminds us that these “gods” understand nothing, and seek their own ends without regard of the effect on others. Our prayer should be that God would reveal these things to us, and as we become aware, He then provides the power we need to overcome them.

       God’s judgment is not so much condemning, as discerning. It brings to light that which operates in darkness.  There is but One True God who has made us in his image… we are like Him.. We are not Him. So, we should not seek security, power or pleasure; but love.