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"Do it Yourself..."

Took a little re-read of Galatians Chapter 5 this morning in my devotion and merged them with some thoughts around the catch phrase "Do it Yourself." Here's how I got there...

The scripture reference is a popular one, quoted as being "The Fruit of the Spirit" = Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, etc with the crux of the message being, in order for believers to exemplify these Christ-like behaviors, we must be following after, and listen to the Holy Spirit in our lives. Simple enough. 

But the preamble to this thought, if you review verses 1 thru 13 teaches us that Christians have been made free... free from bodage and the Law. In other words... A concept we often ill-advisley interpret to mean "Do your own thing" or 'Do it Yourself."

Many of us lack the skills or knowledge to build a deck, fix our electrical problems or properly diagnose our car trouble based on the noise we hear.. but we attempt it anyways. We find a youtube clip or get a five minute overview from a Building Supply Store employee and away we go. The same is true in diagnosing medical problems and/or dealing with financial or legal questions. We've become self-proclaimed experts in all fields as we sit back and pat each other's back and say 'You Can Do It" or "You Don't Need Someone For That". 

More times then not, we can't do it ourselves, and, we make more of a mess trying. 

There's humility in asking for help, in admitting you don't have the answer, in recognizing someone else is more capable... and coming to that conclusion is in part, the incredible freedom we're meant to experience. Realizing that we can't "Do It Ourselves" to follow every law, or love our neighbour as ourselves; but, in submitting to the Holy Spirit's help and expertise, we can live a much more fruitful and accomplished life.