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Jesus....the Missionary

As believers, one of our primary purposes is to spread the “Good News” to the entire world. The mandate includes all corners of the known world - right down the neighbor who lives nearest to us.  God calls believers to be missionaries in His ultimate mission to bring people back into right relationship with their Creator.

So where does one start? We can learn some great lessons through the life of Jesus.

Firstly, Jesus understood that He was sent by the Father. Because of this, He was able to endure opposition, temptation, unbelief and even rejection. As believers, we too need to find great strength in remembering God has sent us to minister and witness to a hurting world.

Secondly, Jesus was motivated by love. No hidden agenda– no ulterior motive. But not just love in word only, in deed also.

Jesus identified with people. His own favorite reference of himself was, “Son of Man” which reiterated the reality that the Son of God had become one of humankind. An effective missionary will identify with, and become part of, the people whom they endeavor to reach.

Lastly, Jesus ministered by the power of the Holy Spirit. We read in Luke 4 how Jesus began his ministry, only after he had been anointed with the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit is available to empower us to do the work we’re called to do.

The mission of Jesus still carries on today!