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What is Prayer...??

What is prayer?? 

Sounds like a simple question and a pretty straight forward topic.. but is it, really? Is prayer about talking to God?? Talking at God? Is it like ordering fast food - just say what we want and you're done? Or, do we need to belabor the point... argue our position? Does God need to be "buttered up" first with lots of reminders about how awesome He is..?? 

Are we supposed to be listening?? Or is prayer a one sided conversation? 

There you go - maybe not as simple as you think.. or perhaps it still is.

There's many great books relating to prayer, many gifted bible teachers have unpacked the subject with eloquence, but for me.... I was struck with the simplicity of 3 lines in Psalm 77:

                      " I cried out to God with my voice—
                         To God with my voice;
                        And He gave ear to me"

The rest of the Psalm goes on to outline what the writer "cried out" to God for. A number of very moving lines are recorded there, I encourage you to check it out. 

In the meantime, I feel blessed that, the same God who would "give ear" to the write of Psalm 77, is the same God to whom I pray, or "cry out to."  And I like to think the pre-conditions (or lack thereof) that are listed here are the same for me.. there's no list of qualifiers.... no topics that are taboo.... no "right ways/words" to use... simply 1) Cry out -  2) He listens

I hope you join us during our week of prayer, each evening at 7:00pm. 


Pastor D